In it for the long haul

Okay so I’m back after a long period of not updating this thing. What’s happened since March: I went to Pedernales, Dominican Republic. It was meant to be a quick trip to renew my 3-month tourist visa, but we ended up going with Stacey and Drew and stayed for three nights. And it was awesome. … Continue reading

Carnival in Les Cayes, Haiti

If there was ever a test of stamina, it would be Carnival. This past Saturday myself and several other Haiti Communitere (HC) volunteers and staff drove the HC school bus down to Les Cayes, a town on the southern coast known for its pretty beaches – and this year, for hosting Carnival. One million people … Continue reading

A tourist in Haiti

It’s really a shame that more people don’t visit Haiti as tourists, but I can’t say I blame them. If I’d never been here or didn’t know anyone who had, and only based my opinions on what I saw in the news, I probably wouldn’t come either. When people come here though, they realize that … Continue reading