Cite Soleil gets its own Eiffel Tower

By now I’ve mentioned Cite Soleil, the most notorious slum of Port-a-Prince, a few times. While it is widely thought to be a dangerous place, a movement has started in recent months by the people of Cite Soleil to change its bad reputation. People have banded together to clean up the streets – the first … Continue reading

Two years after the earthquake in Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In Cite Soleil over the past week, trash was picked up and walls were decorated with art to prepare for the memorial events. (Graffiti done by¬† well-known Haitian graffiti artist, Jerry, whose art can be seen all over Port-au-Prince – check … Continue reading

New home!

Yesterday we moved into our new home: Not bad, huh? It’s huge, with plenty of room for both David and I to be in there and walking around. And not to mention we’ve got a real mattress, which makes it feel much more like a home and barely like camping. It’s certainly no container home, … Continue reading