In it for the long haul

Okay so I’m back after a long period of not updating this thing. What’s happened since March:

I went to Pedernales, Dominican Republic. It was meant to be a quick trip to renew my 3-month tourist visa, but we ended up going with Stacey and Drew and stayed for three nights. And it was awesome. Just over the border in the far southwestern corner of the Dominican Republic is a cute little border town where no one speaks English but everyone is nice, and a good hotel costs $20/night and there are perfect white sand beaches that stretch for miles. (More pictures to be posted later)

I spent three weeks at home in Boston. I was so excited for a break and the time I spent in Boston was perfect. I got to see almost all of the people who I wanted to see (didn’t make it up to Vermont… boo), eat at my favorite restaurants, cook for myself, visited my old work, and eat lots of pizza. I had lunch and/or dinner dates almost every day and a few days before my flight back to Haiti, I was pretty anxious to go back. I missed the sun and my friends and the animals, and now I’m back and everything is perfect.

Some changes have happened here at Haiti Communitere. A few days after I got back, our workshop burned down. It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen but I’ve been completely blown away by the support that HC has received since it happened. Especially the guys from Cite Soleil who lost their projects in the fire and showed up at 7:30am the day after, ready to work, and have been coming back every day since then. Now we are almost ready to rebuild, just two weeks after the fire. Just makes me love this place even more. If you know anyone with construction skills who wants to come to Haiti to help with the workshop rebuild, get in touch!

Now for the most exciting update (for me anyway): I got a job! In Port-au-Prince, and it PAYS. Starting tomorrow I’ll be working for Fonkoze as a Technical Writer for their website. Fonkoze is a microfinance organization – they give small loans to Haitians to help them start small businesses – and Zafen is their side project that lends money to people who don’t qualify for traditional bank loans. I’ll be the lead editor of that website. I’m excited – since I’ll be getting paid, I’ll be able to stay in Haiti, and I’ll be working in microfinance which is something that has interested me since college. On most days of the week I’ll commute to downtown Port-au-Prince, just one tap tap ride away.

And for all you people back home… COME VISIT and see why I like it here so much!

One Response to “In it for the long haul”
  1. Sue says:

    YAY!! You got the job!! That makes your return to Haiti even better! I am so glad things as going the way you are hoping! And I am glad to hear the workshop is being rebuilt, and that no one was hurt!

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