Sometimes the unexpected things are the best kind

A lot of things happen slowly in Haiti. Like how you’ll spend hours waiting in line at the bank or the moto driver you’ve called will be an hour late even though he keeps saying “10 more minutes”, and you’ll be forced to cancel a meeting that you’ve already rescheduled three times. It’s just an accepted part of life here. But then there are those times when things happen really quickly. A lot of things all at once. That’s how my life has been lately, which is why I haven’t updated this thing as often as I would like. For starters, I am no longer working with ProDev. After a few months with them it was clear that logistically it wasn’t really working for either party involved. Change is never easy but this was just perfect timing. Things at Haiti Communitere have really picked up in the last month. We are getting more and more attention and publicity, and after months of planning, our Ubuntu-Blox training has finally started. With so much going on, that means I’m much busier here. I’m now the Communications Coordinator for Haiti Communitere, and my days are packed with blog posts, social media updating, and photo taking.

Another thing that can happen out of nowhere in Haiti: A rap music video shoot where you live.

I’m glad that so many awesome things are happening right now, because over the next month a few of my favorite people will be leaving Haiti. First it was Sierra, my fellow jewelry-making neighbor whose middle name is practically my first name (Faythe! I’ve never met another one before so it’s kind of a big deal.) Then is was Aaron, who turned almost everyone on base into a Werewolves addict (a role playing game which I have yet to play). Next up it’s Dennis, and then Stacey. These two I’m particularly sad to see go because they’ve both been here since I arrived five months ago. But, that’s the name of the game and the good news is that there are other long-termers still here and more coming in all the time.

I’ll be leaving Haiti too, but not for good. In April I’m heading back to Boston for a couple weeks to unwind, see friends and family, and go to all my favorite restaurants that I’ve been missing. I can’t wait, but I’m already excited to get back to Haiti.

One Response to “Sometimes the unexpected things are the best kind”
  1. Jaime says:

    Congrats on the promotion!!

    Also I can’t wait to see you in April!!!

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