Home sweet home and new adventures

Not a bad view to look at for a few days

I’m back in Haiti after a short break in Florida, and I returned with an extra 20 pounds of weight in my bag (although it should have been on me after all the food I stuffed into my belly there) and… a cold. Most likely thanks to the girl sneezing all over the place next to me on the plane. I’ve been relatively okay with my arsenal of cold meds, but illnesses tend to linger around the GRU base because of so many people living in close quarters. Quite frankly though, I still have not had a single stomach issue in two months here (knocking on wood!) so I think I can deal with not being able to breathe from my nose. Besides, there are many times here when I wish I couldn’t smell anyway.

I actually got back a few days ago, and since then it’s pretty much been business as usual. Well, as “usual” as things can be in Haiti. For starters, we now have a baby goat named Corinne. She’s not for eating, but rather for walking around the base being cute and goat-like. You know, trimming the grass, following people around, jumping off of things and making cute goat noises. Our pets now include Manje the cat, Corinne the goat, and Sparky the chicken (who I consider a pet because she is the only one of our chickens who wanders around base trying to roost in people’s tents and lets you pick her up and carry her). That’s normal, right?

Saturday was a work day for most of us as we started to get the base ready for the 47-person medical team we’ll be hosting for a week after Christmas. I was part of Team Kitchen which, looking back on it, was kind of a weird choice for me. I hate bugs and gross things, and there was no shortage of either of those to deal with. Rox and I tackled cleaning out the cabinets which probably haven’t been cleaned in a year and a half. If you’ve read my older post about cockroaches, you can imagine how much fun that was. The cabinets do look amazing now with absolutely nothing in them, and they will never again have anything in them. Ever.

And now it’s almost time for my next adventure: a week in the Dominican Republic! Next week myself and seven others will be making our way to a small town in the northeast part of the island, called Las Galeras. It’s a quiet little town with beautiful beaches and hiking trails. Supposedly it’s gotten more popular among travelers in recent years but still lacks the tacky touristy crap that a lot of the Dominican Republic has.

See the peninsula in the blue section? We’re going almost to the end of that.

On the To Do List:

Speaking Spanish

It’s going to be terrible.

3 Responses to “Home sweet home and new adventures”
  1. Anita Mac says:

    I can see that (that it’s going to be terrible!!!) Not likely. Have a great time soaking it up!

  2. Lynne Goldberg says:

    Fayth, your writing is wonderful. Who knew? (I guess I should have.) Wanted you to know that I am enjoying the blog immensely. Had to comment because ironically we had pasta with ground goat for dinner (my apologies to Corinne). Andy bought it from Drumlin Farm, as he has decided to eat select red meat if organic and antibiotic free. The thought sounded gross, but it did not taste that different from ground turkey . . . Lynne

  3. Sue says:

    Sorry to hear you went back to Haiti with a “present” (your cold) I hope I didn’t give it to you! Hope you have a great time on your next adventure. Would you see if you can find me a cool shell while you are there? Would be neat to have something “exotic” for my shell collection! Have a fantastic Christmas, Fayth! Love you….

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