Two countries in one weekend

This past weekend was a perfect example of the contrasts that exist in this country. On Saturday I headed back up to Furcy and spent most of the day relaxing and eating delicious food at the home of one of the ProDev founders. It’s really amazing how drastically the surroundings change with just an hour drive out of the city (and if the roads weren’t so horrible it would take even less time).

The house was just as gorgeous as the landscape around it, and with all the comforts that anyone could possibly want or need in this country, it was a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday. And the temperature change was just as refreshing as it was my first time in Furcy, only this time I actually had to put on a warm jacket. It was 60 degrees and I was freezing. It’s because of this that I’m extremely happy to not have any plans to go back to Boston this winter.

It’s easy to forget that you’re still in Haiti when you live in a dirty, noisy city and then all of a sudden you’re surrounded by mountains, fresh air, and quiet.

On Sunday a bunch of us went to Camp Canaan, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. It was getting close to Jennifer’s last day in Haiti after living here for a year, and the people that she worked with at the camp decided to throw her a party. Unfortunately, we spent most of the day waiting around the base for the hired tap-tap to pick us up. The 10:00 departure time eventually became 3:00, and we heard every excuse in the book for why the driver was so late. That’s Haiti for you.

Since it was so late when we finally got to the camp, most of us didn’t stay very long, but the short amount of time we were there was filled with kids and lots of singing and dancing. As soon as we walked up to where the party was, we had a swarm of kids around and practically hanging off us. Definitely the friendliest and most starved for attention kids I’ve ever met, and I can say that until now, I never knew a kid who would actually ask for a sip of beer. Especially not at the age of 3.

Many of the women and girls in the camp had put together a show for Jen, so everyone piled into a room to watch. They sang a few songs and even went behind a curtain for a few costume changes. I made a tiny new friend who wouldn’t let go of my hand. She was the cutest little thing, and I had no idea someone so young could dance the way she did. I think I’d probably dislocate a hip if I tried to do those moves.

So there you have it. Two very different worlds in the same small country. The camp was definitely not cool, clean, or quiet, but it was nice to see that the kids seem to be relatively happy despite the conditions that they live in.

Now it’s time to get ready for my quick pre-Christmas trip to Florida to visit family. I’m going to miss this place, but it’s getting difficult to hide my excitement about all the different kinds of food that I’m planning on eating there. I just hope my stomach cooperates!

One Response to “Two countries in one weekend”
  1. Sue says:

    OMG…your little friend is so adorable!! I think Haitians are such a beautiful people….such beautiful smiles. You sure do get around down there! I can’t wait to hear more about what you are doing down there! Only 2 more days! Love you!

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