Seven friends, one destination – Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to travel to a new country with two Dutchmen, a Swede, an Irishman and three Americans? Well, needless to say it was quite the adventure with plenty of mishaps and hilarious moments. And it was probably the most vacation-y vacation I’ve ever had. Myself and six … Continue reading

Home sweet home and new adventures

I’m back in Haiti after a short break in Florida, and I returned with an extra 20 pounds of weight in my bag (although it should have been on me after all the food I stuffed into my belly there) and… a cold. Most likely thanks to the girl sneezing all over the place next … Continue reading

Two countries in one weekend

This past weekend was a perfect example of the contrasts that exist in this country. On Saturday I headed back up to Furcy and spent most of the day relaxing and eating delicious food at the home of one of the ProDev founders. It’s really amazing how drastically the surroundings change with just an hour … Continue reading