Close encounters of the flying kind

Can I just point out that cockroaches are disgusting? They are slowly creeping up to centipedes on my Most Feared Bugs List. Up until a couple of nights ago, I just thought they were gross because they’re huge and eat everything and only come out at night. I normally don’t see them around base all that often – if I go into the kitchen at night, I might see a couple just hanging out on the floor not really doing anything (I still avoid the kitchen at night for this reason though), and some nights I won’t see any. They’re nasty, but didn’t bother me all that much. Recently though, it seems like they’ve found this out and have made it their mission to scare the crap out of me and turn me into a crazy person who’s constantly watching where she sits at night and looking around to make sure there are none within eyesight. It all started with a staring contest I had with a big one in the Bob Marley toilet a few nights ago. What better place to sneak up on someone than on the wall of a toilet in the middle of the night? Then, two nights ago a few of us were hanging out on the back porch when I saw a cockroach come close to crawling over someone’s foot. The next five minutes sealed the cockroach’s fate as being one of the most evil bugs around, at least in my book. Not one but two giant cockroaches came flying onto the porch and circled around us before landing on the wall of the house. Come on… they can FLY?? That is just cruel. Needless to say, my porch time had ended for the night. Anyway, that’s enough about bugs for now.

I introduce to you the most recent addition to the GRU showcase of sustainable building methods: the Super Adobe.

This photo was taken around 10:45am, shortly after work had started on the roof. We had hired thatchers from Jacmel to come and thatch the roof for us, and they arrived yesterday morning and got right down to business. It was really cool watching them work. Even their toes were used in the process. The guys on the roof would be busy tying on palm leaves and the guy on the ground would toss them more leaves right as they finished with the last ones.

Almost 1/3 finished at 12:00…

…and by 5:00 they were done. All that was left to do was trim the edges.

After a couple hours of hacking away with their machetes, the roof was finished. Here is the final product today:

We had planned on the thatchers staying with us for a couple days at least, but then they went and finished the job in eight hours. Apparently they all left at 5:00am this morning, well before any of us had woken up. It almost feels like they weren’t here at all.

Now it’s Friday already and this has probably been one of the quickest weeks yet. I’ve been in Haiti for six weeks and it feels like I’ve been here forever but also like I just got here yesterday. In two weeks I’ll be in Florida for a few days and my main priority will be to eat everything I’ve been missing. I’ve already started my list: cheeseburger, pizza, cheese, ice cream, steak, cheese, cheese, cheese…

2 Responses to “Close encounters of the flying kind”
  1. Sue says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Fayth! Can’t wait to see you in a a couple weeks!

  2. Jini says:

    Hi from Jini!

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