Feels like home

This weekend a few of us paid a visit to the folks at All Hands in Leogane. I volunteered there with them for a week in May 2010, so it was nice to go back and check out the progress they’ve made and see old friends. David and I left PAP Friday afternoon and got to Leogane just in time for the daily All Hands meeting (can’t say that I miss those) where we introduced ourselves and got to hear about the day’s accomplishments and the next day’s tasks. It was strange being back just as a visitor, especially now that I’ve spent a month living with GRU where the living is very different. I wouldn’t say that either one is better, but the GRU base suits me perfectly right now. It’s very green, like a small oasis in the middle of a loud, dirty city. I like Leogane (but then again I like any town that’s close to the beach), but I am a city girl after all, and I found myself missing the convenience and variety that we have in PAP. I’ve been comfortable living at GRU since I got here, but this weekend was the first time that I really missed it – my tent, the back porch of the house, the Hole in the Wall, the trees. It feels like home, not just where I happen to be living.

Anyway, later on Friday night Ton, Karl and Sierra showed up in Leogane on their way back from Jacmel. GRU has a donated school bus that we use for picking up supplies, and they had taken it to Jacmel to pick up thatch for the adobe house that’s being built on base. Instead of staying inside the All Hands base (10:00 curfew – can’t say I miss that either), we parked the bus in the field next door and slept there. The only problem was that the bus was full of thatch. Most normal people would probably just sleep in one of the All Hands bunks, but no… David and I set up a tent on the grass next to the bus, and the rest of us slept in or on the bus.


We woke up hungry and ready to hit the road, so we said our goodbyes, bought egg sandwiches from the egg sandwich lady down the street, and piled into the front of the bus. Next stop: the beach.

The beach we went to was only a short drive away from All Hands and when we got there we plopped our stuff down and relaxed for a few hours.

Looks awful, right?

We spent three hours moving between the water and the sand until we decided to head back to PAP. Everyone passed out pretty early Saturday night, and today was equally as uneventful, but I was perfectly happy with that.

The upcoming week should be a good one, with Jennifer’s birthday and the return of Delphine tomorrow, my birthday on Wednesday, and a couple of going away parties. We’ll see if the Hole in the Wall can keep up.

2 Responses to “Feels like home”
  1. Sue says:

    I am so glad that you are feeling comfortable and happy there! It makes a big difference when it doesn’t just feel like a place you live, but a home. I love reading your blogs! Happy birthday a few days early! Love you….

  2. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE that Patridge- family- like Hippy bus!!!!! Are you too young to know what I am referring to? lol

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