Thanksgiving dinner for 90 people in a third world country

Ever wonder what it’s like to have Thanksgiving in a third world country? With close to 90 people? As you can probably imagine, it’s a bit of a challenge. And we really only decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner three days in advance. Once it was official that we were actually going to do it, … Continue reading

Close encounters of the flying kind

Can I just point out that cockroaches are disgusting? They are slowly creeping up to centipedes on my Most Feared Bugs List. Up until a couple of nights ago, I just thought they were gross because they’re huge and eat everything and only come out at night. I normally don’t see them around base all … Continue reading

Celebrations and goodbyes

It has taken a lot of energy to write this post. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I’ve been really lazy. To be fair, the past week has been pretty draining. Every other day was a party, followed by a day of being too tired to do anything, so forming complete thoughts was … Continue reading