Being really sick in a really poor country

Yesterday I volunteered at a TB/AIDS clinic. The two medical volunteers who work there are both on vacation, so the rest of the GRU volunteers each offered to cover a day. The doctor who has been running the clinic for over a year, myself and another volunteer headed out at 7:00am. The tap-tap ride was … Continue reading

New home!

Yesterday we moved into our new home: Not bad, huh? It’s huge, with plenty of room for both David and I to be in there and walking around. And not to mention we’ve got a real mattress, which makes it feel much more like a home and barely like camping. It’s certainly no container home, … Continue reading

“This is Haiti”

Haiti Lesson #1: Don’t expect things to go as planned, even if you make an appointment. Twice. My first task Monday morning was to accompany Delphine, a long-term volunteer, to the lawyer’s office in a different part of Port-au-Prince to sort out some things for GRU. On the way there, our car broke down. That … Continue reading